Publications and talks of Anil K. Rajvanshi


Talks and lectures

1. Sustainable Development for Rural Poor. An invited talk given at International Solar Energy Society conference in 2005 on spirituality and sustainability.

2. An Institute lecture given to students and faculty of IIT Bombay on 16th August 2006.

3. "Sustainable Energy for Rural Development". A talk given at PAN IIT 2006 Conference in Mumbai, December 23-25, 2006.

4. "Biofuels - promise and prospect". A thematic talk given at National seminar entitled 'Changing Global Vegetable Oils Scenario: Issues and Challenges before India' in Hyderabad. January 19-21, 2007.

5. "Energy for Rural Poor - Challenge for Global Community". An invited public lecture given at Patel Center in USF, Tampa, USA. March 21, 2007.

6. Sustainable Rural Development – A Gandhian Perspective. An invited public lecture given at Nehru Center, Worli, Mumbai. October 3, 2007.

7. Sustainable Energy for India’s Rural Development. An invited talk given at the International Conference on China Rural Energy Development, Beijing, November 23, 2007. An interview with Chinese internet news agency was also given during this visit. My fleeting impressions of China are at this site.

8. How corporate world can help in developing sustainable rural energy. An invited talk given on Technology Day at Honeywell, Bangalore. December 2007.

9. Farming for Energy and Wealth. Inaugural speech given at National Seminar “Agribusiness and Agripreneuership; Pros and Cons and accounting for the Environmental degradation”, Shivaji University, Kolhapur, March 14, 2008.

10. Rural Innovations for Sustainable Development. A keynote address at 4th India Innovations Summit, organized by CII, Bangalore 20-21 June, 2008. A news item on this event came in HINDU.

11. Road to prosperous India goes through rural areas An invited talk given at Observer Research Foundation in Mumbai, March 30, 2010.

12. Rocket Science for Rural Development An invited talk given at TIFR, Mumbai on 30 April 2010 at ASET colloquium to commemorate the centenary celebrations of Dr. Homi Bhabha.

13. Issues in Food and Energy Security. Inaugural talk given at International Conference on Food Security and Hunger Management, Vishwa Yuwak Kendra, Delhi. 28 July 2011.

14. Sociobiological basis of corruption - Relevance to corporate world. A public lecture (organized by IndSearch) given in Pune on 9th August 2011.This was also a featured conversation at TED.

15. A keynote address on Social Entrepreneurship given at North India HR Summit in Lucknow. February 2012.

16. Innovations for Rural Poor. A keynote address at Indian National Academy of Engineering, New Delhi. 21,September 2012. The video of talk is at this site.

17. Invited talk given at Stanford University/Reliance workshop in Mumbai, 15-16 May 2013. The talk is at this site and the agenda is here. The video of the talk.

18. Romance of Innovation. An invited talk given at C-DAC, Pune on 30th September 2014.

19. Romance of  Innovation—Promise of solar energy. Second Gemini Ganesan Memorial Lecture given at Madras Christian College, Chennai. 3 March 2015.

20. Innovations for forgotten Indians; How corporate world can improve their lives. Technology Day lecture at Emerson Innovation Center, Pune. 15 September 2015.

21. Be Sustainable; Be Happy. An invited lecture given at Lucknow Management Association, Lucknow. September 2015.

22. Junoon, Happiness and Nation Building. An invited talk (Rare Share) given at Aurangabad Management Association on 11th January 2017.

23. High Tech Innovations for Rural India. A Plenary talk given at Complex Engineering Conference in Chandigarh. 12-13 October 2017


Talks at Educational Institutes

1. Youth, environmental improvement and happiness. Inspirational talks given to various IITs and other premier technology institutes in India and abroad.

2. Rajvanshi, Anil K., "Nation Building, Youth and Happiness". A talk given to students of IIT Kanpur, April 2005.

3. High tech agriculture for prosperous India. An invited talk given as chief guest to commemorate International Environment Day at Sardar Krushinagar Dantiwada Agricultural University, Gujarat, 5th June 2010.

4. Nation Building and Happiness. An Invited talk given to probationers of Railway Staff College, Vadodara. 2 August 2011.

5. Social Entrepreneurship, Nation Building and Happiness. An invited talk given at IIM Lucknow. November 2011. The IIML diary is here.

6. An invited talk to students and faculty of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Bombay, 4 April 2012.

7. Have Junoon - be Happy. An inspirational talk given to students of IIT Kanpur. 17 March 2013.

8. An inspirational talk given to students and faculty at IIT Bombay on 4th September 2013.

9. Romance of Innovation - R&D for forgotten Indians. Keynote speech at MEGRES 2015, IIT Bombay. 21 March 2015.

10. How to become good engineers. A prep talk given to 100+ budding engineers  in College of Engineering, University of Florida, Gainesville, USA. July 2015.

11. Romance of Innovation—R&D for forgotten Indians. An Institute lecture organized by Alumni Contact Program at IIT Kanpur. 26 September 2015.

12. Inspirational lectures given to freshmen undergraduates and postgraduates at IIT Kanpur. These lectures were part of orientation program for class of 2016. 24-25 July 2016.


Invited and Keynote Lectures