Publications and talks of Anil K. Rajvanshi

Spiritual writings (Please also refer to my blog in Speaking Tree website)

Most of the articles written in this section have been derived from my diary, which I have been writing since late 1970s, on the subject of Mind-Matter interaction.† They have been published either in Times of India, my blog on Speaking Tree website or Huffington Post.


1. Music, Meditation and Mental Happiness. Relationship between music and meditation are explored. Published in Times of India. 2002

2. Deep thought produces happiness.

3. Choices and Happiness

4. Less Possessions produce Happiness

5. Natural evolution and happiness

6. Art and Science of Happiness An essay on how to live a happy and sustainable life by curbing our desires and greed for resources. 2010

7. Mental peace and cell phones. An article on how to curb the menace of cell phones to get back mental peace. September 2012. The article was also a featured conversation at TED.

8. Giving back to society produces happiness. An article on how to do it through various phases of life. Published as Op-Ed article in Times of India, 21 January 2013.

9. Purpose of life. How happiness defines the purpose of life, October 2013. Published as an editorial article in Times of India, 7 January 2014.

10. Be centered in now. An article on the power of now and how it can bring happiness and peace of mind by focusing on work at hand. March 2014.

11. Baldness + Solar energy = Happiness. An article on how solar energy transmitted through skull can help in reducing Parkinsonís disease. April 2015.

12. How being anchored in now produces happiness. August 2016. Published in Huffington Post 6 August 2016.

13. Is Happiness a state of mind? Article published in various newslines like Indian Diaspora and Boloji. February 2017.


Personal experiences

1. How to live sustainably. A short essay on my attempt to live a sustainable life in rural India.

2. Some personal experiences  What made me write about spirituality and the book on Nature of Human Thought. 2004