Publications and talks of Anil K. Rajvanshi


· Video clips. A half an hour video clips on various issues shot by Cornell University in March 2007.

· Nation Building, IITians and Happiness  An Institute lecture given at IIT Bombay, 2006.

· Anil Rajvanshi: "Issues in Rural Energy" | GCEP-Reliance Industries India   Stanford University –Reliance workshop in Mumbai, May 2013.

· Dr. Anil Rajvanshi at ORF Part 1 An invited talk given at Observer Research Foundation (ORF), Mumbai. 2010


· Socio biological basis of corruption Part I . A public Lecture given in Pune, 2011.


· What did IIT Kanpur education mean to me? - YouTube  February 2009.

· Thoughts on spirituality, technology and sustainability. July 2013

· Anil Rajvanshi’s inspirational speech at University of Florida Commencement after  accepting the Distinguished Alumnus Award.  May 3, 2014.

· Interview of Dr. Anil Rajvanshi on leadership issues. May 2, 2014. The interview was conducted by Dr. Abernathy the Dean of Engineering, University of Florida.

· Speech of chief guest Padmavibhushan R.A. Mashelkar after the release of Dr. Rajvanshi’s book “Romance of Innovation”. October 2014.

· Romance of Innovation. A film on NARI’s renewable energy  work made by Madhura Rajvanshi. February  2015.

· Chief guest lecture at Mechanical Engineering Symposium at IIT Bombay. 21 March 2015.

· Engineers Day lecture at Emerson Innovation Center, Pune. 15 September 2015.

· Romance of Innovation—R&D for forgotten Indians. Institute lecture at IIT Kanpur. 26 September 2015.

· Junoon, Happiness and Nation Building. A Rare Share talk given at Aurangabad Management Association, 11th January 2017.

· Discussions on Rural India.  A half an hour interview on All India Radio. October 2011.

· High Technology Innovations for Rural India. Plenary lecture at Complex Engineering Systems Conference in Chandigarh, 12-13 October 2017.