Publications and talks of Anil K. Rajvanshi


 Char Dham Yatra. A diary of Himalayan visit in 1997.

 China trip in November 2007 to deliver a lecture on renewable energy.


 Spain trip in June 2008


 Australia trip in November 2008


 Stockholm trip in June 2009 to receive the Globe Forum Award.


 Binsar Uttarakhand trip in October 2009


 Penang, Malaysia trip in December 2010 to give a keynote address at International Conference.


 Kolkata and Sikkim trip in Februray/March 2011. Institute lecture at IIT Kharagpur.


 IIT Kanpur visit August 2011


 My impressions of Lucknow.October2011.


 IIM Lucknow visit November 2011


 USA Diary. July 2013.


 Odisha 2013. A diary on our trip to East India. November 2013.

 Roorkee Diary. A short diary on my trip to IIT Roorkee as Chief Guest at a function. March 2014.

 USA Diary 2014. A short diary of my trip to USA to receive the UF Distinguished Alumnus Award. June 2014

 USA Diary 2015. A short diary of our US trip in summer of 2015.

 IIT Kanpur and Lucknow diary. To deliver an Institute lecture at IIT Kanpur. September 2015.

 Bangalore diary 2015.

 Visit to IIT Kanpur in July 2016 to deliver inspirational lectures to freshmen class.

 Goa visit December 2016.