Publications and talks of Anil K. Rajvanshi

Articles on Sustainability

(In chronological order)


1. Sustainable development of India - A Gandhian approach

2. Talukas can provide critical mass for India's development A general article published in Current Science.

3. India Shinning needs Sustainable Rural Development

4. Rocket Science for Rural development. How high tech development can be done for rural areas of India.

5. Rediscovering fire in 21st Century. Article in Sci. Dev. net. An article on how high technology can solve cooking and lighting problems in rural India.

6. Electricity and water revolution in rural India An editorial article published in Times of India.

7. Village of my Dream An editorial article published in Times of India.

8. Strategy for Rural Electrification

9. Ethanol fuel for rural households. Article on how ethanol can provide clean cooking and lighting fuel for rural areas.

10. Agriculture Policy for Energy Security. An article on how a new agriculture policy should be developed so both food and energy security of the country can be taken care of.

11. Farming for Energy A lead editorial article in Times of India June 6, 2007.

12. Langmuir approach to rural development. A new model for rural development which is based on high technology and local energy production. This article has been published in Current Science, October 2008.

13. Can we live off the land? An article on the merits of solar energy versus biofuels.

14. Renewables the way forward for India An article on the job creation potential of renewables for India. Published in April 1, 2009.

15. Future is After "Mimicking Nature". An interview published in Russian Magazine - Newsletter of Institute for Public Planning, Moscow. February 2011.

16. What ails IIT education. An essay on problems affecting IIT graduates and possible solutions. October 2011.

17. Wholesome food for rural poor. An interesting concept of rural restaurants. November 2011.

18. What should be the true price of electricity? A thought paper for discussion. June 2012.

19. Kerosene revisited - excellent fuel for rural households. An article on how enlightened policy by Government can help light up lives of rural poor. may 2013.

20. Second Green Revolution through Precision Agriculture. How precision agriculture can help India’s agriculture. October 2013

21. Diesel is an excellent household fuel for rural areas. In praise of diesel for improving the lives of rural poor. April 2015.

22. Sweet sorghum syrup as a health food. A blog appeared in Better India. 27 March 2017.

23. A simple roof top evaporative system to cool buildings. A blog written in Better India. 30 March 2017.

24. What should be the true Price of Farm Produce. A blog published in Better India and Huffington Post. July 2017.

25. Sustainable and Holistic India—Need a new Quit India Movement. The article was syndicated by IANS and published in various newslines. It was also published as a blog in Huffington Post. 15, August 2017.

26. Can International efforts help in mitigation of indoor air pollution in rural households” was syndicated by IANS and published all over the world in different websites and newspapers, 2 November 2017.

27.  “Here is How the Government can Give a boost to Innovators in India”, was published as a blog in Better India. 4 November 2017.

28. “The Government is not looking at Practical, Cost Effective Solutions to End Indoor Pollution in Rural Households”, was published as a lead story in Huffington Post, 15 November 2017.

29. Are Alcohol fuels suitable for rural households“, was syndicated by IANS and published in various newspapers like Economic Times, Business Standard, etc. 16 November 2017.

30.  There Are Various Ways, Devised In India Itself, To Reduce Pollution From Stubble Burning”, was published as main story in Huffington Post, 20 November 2017.