Publications and talks of Anil K. Rajvanshi

Spiritual writings (Please also refer to my blog in Speaking Tree website)

Most of the articles written in this section have been derived from my diary, which I have been writing since late 1970s, on the subject of Mind-Matter interaction.  They have been published either in Times of India, my blog on Speaking Tree website or Huffington Post.

Science of Spirituality

Mind matter interaction

1. Nature of Human Thought. Discussion about how thought is produced and transmitted. Published in 2004 in the book of the same name.

2. Nature of Human Thought. A lecture in ppt format. 2003.

3. Free Will, Evolution and Chaos Theory. The relationship between free will and fate explained with the help of Chaos theory.

4. Trees as Spiritual Antennas. A speculation on how trees may help in getting Universal Thought. May 2012

5. Spiritual Nature of Discovery. How great discoveries of the world are all spiritual experiences. Speaking Tree article. 4 January 2013.

6. Hair as Antenna. A speculative article on how hair acts like antenna for life force. June 2013.

7. Samadhi as a soliton wave. How advance yogi’s achieve deep Samadhi is explained with the help of modern science of soliton waves. August 2013.  Published in Speaking Tree as a blog.

Body and Mind

1. Nature of Desire. An editorial article in Times of India (Speaking Tree) published on 28 June, 2010.

2. Meditation is Elixir of Life. An article which shows how meditation effects the human body at cellular levels. Published as editorial article in Times of India (Speaking Tree), 30 April 2011.

3. Three minds of body - Brain, heart and gut. An essay on how three sections of body have the minds of their own and when they work together happiness results. Published in Times of India, 18 May, 2011.

4. Cellular basis of Yogic Asanas. An essay on how stretching of cells through Yoga helps in a healthy body. June, 2011.

5. Neurological basis of ego and anger. An article on how and where ego is formed in the brain and its relationship to anger. September 2012.

6. Do Bootscan on yourself. An article on how body and mind cleansing can bring in happiness and wholesome living. May 2013.

7. Meditation may help Alzheimer's Disease. A neurobiological basis of how meditation can mitigate Alzheimer's and other brain diseases. June 2013. Published in Speaking Tree, 7 July 2013.

8. Nature of Soothsayers.  We should believe in ourselves and not on astrologers and soothsayers. By our work we can change our genes and destiny. July 2013.

9. How to do Meditation.  An article on the art and science of meditation. July 2013.

10. Science of Pranayam and Homeopathy. An article which explains how nanoparticles can go directly to brain through nose and the working of Homeopathy based on the science of Pranayam. Published in Huffington Post. 24 September 2015.

11. Nirvana through stomach. A blog published in Economic Times. 23 December 2014. It was also published in Huffington Post, 5 September 2016.

12. Brain-Gut connection. How gut chemicals influence our moods. An editorial article in Times of India. 27 February 2017.

13. Why there is no mention of Kundalini in Patanjali Yoga Sutras. An article published in Indian Diaspora, 4 April 2017. It was also published as a blog in Speaking Tree. 24 April 2017.

Death and Karma

1. Death, Karma and Reincarnation. A detailed essay on what is death and reincarnation and how it is governed by karma.

2. Human thought, Karma and Bondage. How thought packets are sent and received and how they affect the human mind.

3. Law of Karma

4. Cloud Computing as a theory of reincarnation. An editorial article in Times of India (Speaking Tree), published on 13 July, 2010.

5. Tunneling of Soul. Possible mechanism for leaving earth's gravitational field. May 2012.

6. Persistence of memory—with due apology to Salvador Dali. How memory persists and where it could be located in the brain. Published in Indian Diaspora. 30,October 2016.  Also published as editorial article in Speaking Tree (Times of India), 15 January 2017.

7. Revenge of Karma. An editorial published in Speaking Tree (Times of India). 19 November 2017.

Gravity, God and Cosmology

1. Nature of TIME. Discussion on the relationship between time and consciousness. Published as a chapter in the book "Nature of Human Thought".

2. Physical basis of Thought and Consciousness. Explores the relationship between gravity and deep human thought.

3. Layers of reality. What is the nature of entities and gods who can influence human behavior. June 2012. Published as front page story in Speaking Tree, 17 July 2016.

4. Cosmology according to Sankhya and Science. How Sankhya philosophy and Science have similar explanation about the origin of Universe. Published as Opinion Article in Times of India. 17 April 2013.

5. Nothing is impossible. A blog published in Economic Times. 6 September 2016.

6. Theory of evolution. A blog published in Economic Times. 6 October 2016.

Sleep and Dreams

1. Designer dreams through Yoga. How dreams can be guided by yoga.

2. Is deep sleep like meditation? A possible reason why we have deep sleep. Published in Speaking Tree 4 March 2013.

3. Sleep well sleep tight. An opinion piece in Economic Times. 10 October 2014.

4. Why good sleep is good for both body and soul. A syndicated article by IANS published in various sites like Economic Times, Quint, etc. March/April 2016.

5. Dream On but Sleep is Important too. An editorial published in Speaking Tree (Times of India), 2 August 2017. The original article is here.

Technology and Spirituality

1. Technology and Spirituality. Shows how technology and spirituality are related. Published in Times of India,.

2. Spirituality helps in sustainable development

3.   Nature conservation + Spirituality = Sustainability

4. Virtual Reality and Nirvana  How virtual reality might produce happiness. An article  published as editorial in Times of India. 2005

5. Spirituality + Technology = Happiness. An article published as blog in Speaking Tree. April 9, 2014. Also published in a modified form in Huffington Post, January 28, 2016.

6. How  knowledge  drives evolution. An oped published in Times of India. 14 March 2015.

7. Science of Patanjali Yoga Sutras. An article published in Indian Diaspora and Boloji. November 2016.