Publications and talks of Anil K. Rajvanshi


1. Torture by Delta. A horrible experience on Delta flight from Mumbai to Atlanta, USA. March 2007.

2. Can Mumbai mayhem show us a way? A lead article in DNA, Pune, December 2008.

3. Rural Health Care. Status of horrible rural health care in western Maharashtra. January 2011

4. An eulogy for my friend Shri K.C.Pant the former Defence Minister of India. November 2012.         

5. Center for Sustainable development . The center was inaugurated on 12 April 2011 by Shri Madhur Bajaj and Shri Sanjay Kirloskar.

6. Nipped in bud—crisis in children’s education. An article about the sorry state of children’s education in India. July 2013.  Syndicated by IANS and published in various news sites like new Indian Express, Yahoo news, etc.

7. My take on Jawahar Lal Nehru. An article about the anecdotes of our first Prime Minister as told to me by his close associates. November 2014. Published in Huffington Post.

8. My small experiment in Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Published as a blog in Huffington Post.

9. Where has my Lucknow gone? Memories of Lucknow gone by and its present impressions. October 2015. An article published in Huffington Post. 25 October 2015.

10. Consciousness—A Conundrum. A report on an International Conference held in Bangalore, 9-12 December 2015 and published in NATURE (India).

11. How online shopping is changing rural India. An article in Huffington Post, 4 July 2016. This article was also syndicated and is here.

12. My experiences as a graduate student in US. Published in Better India. 23 September 2016. Also published in Indian Diaspora. 8 September 2016.

13. Why I believe Indian Classics should be taught in schools. A blog published in Better India. 19 October 2016.

14. How to improve  India’s engineering education. Syndicated by IANS and published in various newslines. October 2016. It was also published as an editorial article in Deccan Herald, 10 October 2016.

15. Why good home-care health system is needed in rural India. An article syndicated by IANS and published in many newslines. 30 March 2017.

16. Here is How the Government can Give a boost to Innovators in India”, was published in Better India. 4 November 2017.

17. Can International efforts help in mitigation of indoor air pollution in rural households” was syndicated by IANS and published all over the world in different websites and newspapers, 2 November 2017.