Publications and talks of Anil K. Rajvanshi

Spiritual writings (Please also refer to my blog in Speaking Tree website)

Most of the articles written in this section have been derived from my diary, which I have been writing since late 1970s, on the subject of Mind-Matter interaction.  They have been published either in Times of India, my blog on Speaking Tree website or Huffington Post.

General articles

1. Prepared Mind helps in getting Universal Knowledge

2. Deep Faith Helps Overcome Fear

3. Web of love  Possible explanation about our origins.

4. Rise up for better world  How nature evolves by making a dead branch irrelevant.

5. Gurus we do not need How some of the so called gurus and preachers pray on people

6. Gandhiji - A Votary of Sustainable Living

7. Flying as a Spiritual Experience  An article commemorating 100 years of Wright brothers.

8. Personal evolution helps mankind's progress

9. Presence of Great Soul  A story about Gandhi ji. 2005

10. For stopping corruption reduce greed. An editorial article published in Times of India (Speaking Tree), 20 September 2011.

11. Providing wholesome food for rural poor is the greatest charity. A syndicated article in various news channels and a blog in Speaking Tree. May 2012.

12. Gandhi’s relevance today. An article published as op-ed in Times of India, 2 October, 2013.

13. In Praise of Long Walk. An article showing how long walks are like meditation. December 2013. Modified article published in Huffington Post. 11 January 2016.

14. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan in a rural Institute. A small note on my attempt at cleanliness. October 2014. Published in Huffington Post.

15. Where is the time? An article on time management published in Huffington Post.  January 2, 2015.

16. Remove fear for better India. An article published in Huffington Post.  28 August 2015.

17. Should Indian Classics be taught in schools? Published in Huffington Post, December 27, 2015. Also published in Better India. 19 October 2016.

18. For Better India. An article published in Speaking Tree, e-paper. 27 December 2015.

19. Ethics, moral science must be taught in schools. A syndicated article published in July 2016. It also appeared as a blog in Huffington Post, 16 July 2016.

20. How noise pollution is affecting our health. August 2016. Published in Huffington Post. 22 August 2016.

21. Why there is so much turmoil in the world. An Op-Ed published in Times of India. 17 October 2016.